Monday, 22 March 2010

Babies First Shape Sorting Toys

Once babies get the hang of sitting up and reaching for toys without falling over they are ready for a new challenge. This is the perfect time to introduce basic shape sorting toys as by now they are more in control of their movements and can pick up a toy and pass it from one hand to the other quite easily.

Round shapes are the easiest to master, and it is best to start with toys that have just a few basic shapes. This will build your child's confidence and encourage them to persevere when they come across shapes that need a bit more manouvering before they will fit through the hole! Shape sorting toys with additional features will capture the attention of younger children who may otherwise discard the toy before they get the knack of posting the shapes. We particularly like the I'm Toy Geo Sort n Drum Roller - a beautiful chunky wooden toy made from sustainable rubber-wood that combines a simple first shape sorter with a drum. Another favourite is the Plan Toys pull along Sorting Bus. This wooden toy from green toy company Plan Toys combines a shape sorter, pull along toy and push along toy in one great product. Small children will love the bright colours, removable bus driver and tipping action!

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