Sunday, 10 July 2011

Do you have what it takes to be a toy genius?

We are so excited as tomorrow we will announce the names of our first ever toy geniuses!! We asked people to contact us through twitter if they were interested in reviewing for us and the response was unbelievable!! Eventually we decided that we would choose six families to review for us on a regular basis - what we hadn't realised was just how hard this would be. One of the criteria is that our toy geniuses must have their own blog on which to show off their reviews, which meant we had to read them all! There were so many fabulous blogs that choosing six has been extremely difficult. We have finally chosen our six potential toy geniuses and will be telling them tomorrow, Monday 11th July. Follow us on twitter to find out as soon as they do!!


  1. ooh how very exciting.....I will have my fingers and toes crossed! x

  2. I am so excited at the possibility of becoming a Toy Genius. What a great thing to be and to tell your children you are. WOW! Hurry Up Monday!!

  3. WOW...even more exciting....we have comments :) I'm so dying to tell people now - roll on tomorrow!! x