Monday, 11 July 2011

I'm a toy genius and so are these six families!!

Last night i dreamt that all 6 of our chosen toy reviewers turned us down flat!! Quite why they would do that when we have such a wonderful assortment of toys is beyond me, but that's what happened!

The big tease in me had planned to announce one name every hour, but in the end I just couldn't do it especially as one lovely lady had already tweeted that she was looking forward to our news. It really made my day to be able to tell Edspire that we wanted her to be a toy genius!! We can't wait to see what her gorgeous twins make of the toys we will send.

Our next choice is Me and my shadow - I have always loved this blog and especially Magpie Monday. It was the pomander story that finally made my mind up - I laughed so much i cried!! I've been told i'm bonkers so I think we'll get along just fine :)

The next name out of the bag was The Crazy Kitchen and they are already one step ahead of me with a fab blog post and facebook update! They were so quick to display our badge that i have to admit to doing a funny little dance around my laptop! I am so looking forward to reading their reviews!

I requested a drum roll before announcing the next name! It was of course the one and only TheBoyandMe. I have made no secret of the fact that I LOVE this blog and anyone who hasn't yet read it is really missing out! TheBoyandMe wrote our first 'proper' review - it was the first review of our toys that made me think I really wanted to buy that toy! Be warned though she occasionally uses big words as she's also a teacher (i have had to consult a dictionary before now!)

Next up was the lovely Brink of Bedlam who is one of the friendliest people i have ever met on twitter. I was so thrilled when she said she would like to review for us as it was totally unexpected! A little bird told me about her fab vlogs and we will have everything crossed that one of our toys makes a vlogging appearance before too long!!

Last out of the bag was Choc Orange City Mum. Her blog is a mixture of just about everything - children, holidays, food and so much more!  She is also expecting a baby in November which means we will have our very own toy genius to review some of our gorgeous baby toys and comforters!

I will sending a different toy to each family in the next few days and can't wait to read their reviews!


  1. Oh I'm honoured! Thanks so much for picking me.

    Glad you enjoy the blog. You may be interested to know, the pomander revolution started in earnest on Saturday, with me selling them to the unsuspecting folk of Flitwick. Lots wen home with a beautiful pomander they never knew they needed!

    OK, this 'ere badge, how do I get the code please - I want all the bells and whistles on my blog :0)

    So proud to be in such great company - you have made a fine selection even if I do say so myself! xx

  2. Flitwick is only about 45 mins from me - i could have seen them in all their glory! My OH would never have forgiven me if i had come home with some!

    Badges are here -

    I will send an email later for addresses, etc (still so much on my list of things to do today!)

    I am SO pleased that you will be joining us - i feel another dance coming on! lol

  3. Oh Jean, I am over the moon to be chosen as a Toy Genius. Yours is my first port of call for toys for friends and family, and I love the time and effort you take in choosing your stock.

    So so proud to represent you.

  4. Where's the like button when you need it?!

    Thank you.....i haven't stopped beaming all day!!

  5. Yay, I'm a Genius and amongst such fab friends! I am so honoured to have been chosen as part of this team and have been browsing your website all day. When not patting babies to sleep in a darkened room!! Am off to boast on my blog and Facebook about what a lucky lucky family we are and how much I am looking forward to being part of the team x

  6. I too am thrilled and honoured to have been chosen to be part of your team and can't wait to get going with some testing! I love the badges too..